Enforce local measures

Enforce local measures to restrict pit bulls. Measures ranging from requiring muzzling or neutering to mandatory insurance and outright bans have been taken in hundreds of locations in North America.

Common restrictions at the owner’s location include:

  • secure indoor confinement
  • outdoor confinement in an enclosed pen or cage that prevents the entry of young children and prevents the animal from escaping
  • outdoor areas completely fenced by means of a secure fence with a minimum height of 8 feet and with gates secured against unauthorized entry
  • warning signs posted which give clear notice of the dog’s presence to anyone visiting the property, with lettering stating that an “aggressive dog on premises” or “dangerous animal on premises”
  • warning signs posted in each driveway or entrance to the property and, if other than a single family property, at all exterior doors of a building
  • warning signs no smaller than .75 square meters (2.5 square feet)

signCommon restrictions in public include:

  • on a leash no more than 1.5 metres (4.9 feet) in length
  • under the immediate control of a competent adult skilled in animal control
  • on a leash made of sturdy material and not attached to a retracting mechanism
  • muzzling while in public places including sidewalks and parks
  • tattooed or microchipped for permanent identification
  • exclusion of pit bulls from public parks and dog parks

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